Bulls to Gain Hold on Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum price evaluation since the day before yesterday points the bearish run. It witnessed a drop of 2.29% within couple of hours since price of $187.70. The ETH price started to rise for a short span before falling again to $181.10. The only exception to the bearish trend since yesterday was the rise to $185.53. While making this analysis, the price of Ethereum was reflecting the negative trend.

Ethereum Price Prediction

The price comparison of Ethereum since yesterday’s price of $178.43 reflects a rise of almost 2% presently. The same movement can remain with ETH coin reaching $183.00 shortly. Holding old coins or buying new coins may be a good decision today as per the trend. $179.04 – $182.29 is the range for remaining day today. If traded with a long-term vision, it can reach as high as $190 by year-end.

Ethereum Price

Ethereum (ETH) Likely to Bounce Back and Gain Momentum Soon

Ethereum was priced at $187.99 on November 8, 2019, with the trend being an upward. On the same day there was a drop of 3.44%, with the price falling to $181.52. The bearish trend continued for the coin until November 10, 2019. With a sharp rise, it was being traded at the price of $188.42. The ETH coin reached the highest trading price of $191.02 on the same day. However, while writing this piece, it was reflecting a downtrend.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH coin is showing a downtrend today by 0.58% as compared to yesterday’s price, which can be considered negligible. We, however, predict that by tomorrow, the present scenario can change with Ethereum and it is likely to rise upwards. It can reach its immediate resistance of $188.46.

Ethereum Price Analysis

This is the best time to buy new coins as per the trend noticed and retain the same for the long-term. Chaikin money indicator shows that ETH is moving downwards. From the past few days, the trend for the coin has been majorly bearish despite the few rises in between. Considering the coin’s huge potential, it will soon bounce back and can reach as high as $190.

Resistance & Support Levels

R1: $188.46, R2: $190.09 and R3: $192.22

S1: $184.7, S2: $182.57 and S3: $180.94

NovaDAX Exchange Integrates Dash To Its Platform

NovaDAX a Brazil-based cryptocurrency exchange has integrated Dash (a cryptocurrency) into their systems. The company was founded in 2018 with the help of fiat currency trading pairs.

Dash is going mainstream, NovaDAX is already expanding across South America with its Dash integration that made the exchange and merchant adoption easy. Cryptocurrency exchanges like 3xbit, Coinbene, and XDEX have all added Dash to their platform. Coinbase has also announced that they will integrate Dash into their platform, this month.

Investing in Dash, NovaDAX certainly has made the right decision to introduce more customers to the cryptocurrency. Though when it comes to buying and selling a cryptocurrency, their platform has a changeable fee structure, that alters depending upon your membership status. The range varies from 0.03% to 0.07%, where 0.03% is the most expensive range and 0.07% is the least expensive range.

NovaDAX’s maker and taker fees for crypto-to-crypto trading also vary from 0.07% to 0.5% and they have a minimum deposit of 0.001 Dash with no maximum limit. Apart from that, users are allowed to withdraw a minimum of 0.02 Dash, which is restricted with a limit of a 60 Dash/day limit at the second verification level and does not allow any withdraw at the first verification level.

Part of the integration includes a competition, which allows the users to win Dash cryptocurrency. The competition has started from September 9 and will continue till September 20. The user who will trade the most amount of Dash during this period will win 1 Dash. While the runner-ups from 2-10 will split the remaining Dash. The good thing is that Brazilian Real, Bitcoin, and Tether trading pairs are supported in this trade. At last, to offer a better understanding of trades and exchange, NovaDAX is also offering a detailed library of cryptocurrency, that will teach its users the basics cryptocurrency and trading.

Atlético de Madrid Joins Hands With Socios.com To Launch Fan Tokens

Bigwigs of sports arena coming together with cryptocurrency domain have become one of the most lucrative partnerships in modern times.

The recent collaboration between Spanish football team Atlético de Madrid and sports blockchain venture Chiliz controlled, Socios.com has been taken as a welcoming step in the industry. The two popular brands have teamed up to launch a fan token named Atlético de Madrid Fan Token which will be an exciting surprise for the millions of fans of the team.

Atlético de Madrid plays for the top professional football division of the Spanish football league system, La Liga. It ended up grabbing the fourth spot in UEFA’s Club Coefficients Rankings, 2019. The football team takes pride in being the first La Liga arm to collaborate with the unique blockchain-focused mobile app catering to sports and entertainment fans, Socios.com.

Other notable sports clubs which offer Fan Tokens to their supporters include Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, AS Roma and West Ham United.

About Atlético de Madrid Fan Tokens:

In a press release by the officials, it was made clear that Socios.com and Atlético de Madrid will be launching their Official Fan Token through a Fan Token Offering (FTOs) in fall 2019 for the 19/20 period. The digital token will be priced at 2 Euros and will bestow voting rights to Atlético fans.

With the help of the Fan Tokens, the reputed club plans to bring its global fans closer by allowing them to indulge in an array of polls where the participants can earn lucrative rewards.

The interaction of the fans with the club through the app will give them an opportunity to increase their rewards as more the involvement of the users; more will be the rewards earned. Apart from the tokens, the app will also allow the owners to trade in merchandise, enjoy exclusive facilities, play games, indulge in promotions, etc.

The owners of Socios.com’s digital coins can trade Atlético de Madrid Fan Tokens against the native currency of the platform, $CHZ. For the execution, fans will have to first buy $CHZ from a cryptocurrency exchange or through the portal’s app to further buy Fan Tokens.

Founder and CEO of Socios.com, Alexandre Dreyfus, said, “Not only is Atlético de Madrid a giant of the footballing world, but they are very creative and forward-thinking with regard to technology and fan engagement, and that is what ultimately led us to want to partner with them. They already have a hugely passionate fanbase in Spain but joining Socios.com will enable the club to further reach, engage and reward a more global audience through innovative blockchain technology. By adding a club of such magnitude, we will grow our own potential user base to well over a billion sports fans, all of whom will be eventual cryptocurrency users.” 

The recent partnerships of sports clubs with cryptocurrencies have surely opened doors for a new evolving domain which is expected to bridge the gap between the star teams and their fans belonging to different parts of the world.

Rainforest Foundation Appeals Crypto And Blockchain Community To Combat Deforestation

New York-based Rainforest Foundation has come up with an appeal to donate for the protection of the Amazon forests. The rainforest has proclaimed a campaign in which it has appealed for a generous aid from the crypto community.

Founded in 1987, the community itself possess its own cryptocurrency ‘Bitseed’ and has been accepting other cryptocurrencies in charity over the years. The lately surfaced dire situation in the Amazon forests has incited the foundation to ask for philanthropy from the blockchain and crypto community.

The foundation has put forward its proposal by expressing the growing threat not only for the forests but also for global warming. It further states that since the last year, the fires in the Amazon forest have doubled down and have been wild like never before. The consequences will be more severe in the near future. 278% deforestation has been observed in this region which is known as the “the lungs of our mother earth.”

The NGO has released a statement in which it states, “In the United States, and many other jurisdictions, cryptocurrencies are classified as property for tax purposes (like stocks). This means that when you donate appreciated crypto directly to a nonprofit, you don’t owe capital gains tax on those earnings, and neither does the nonprofit. You can donate more, and pay less in taxes. It’s that simple.”

The foundation is working on a blockchain pilot to maintain transparency in its operations. It would thus allow the donors to track down the use of their funds in the cause. The foundation also works towards curbing illegal logging, gold mining and land trafficking in this region.

Suzanne Pelletier, the executive director of Rainforest Foundation says, “rather than sticking to the conventional solutions, we need to seek innovative solutions and crypto and Blockchain community being innovative in its approach would help us to achieve our goals.”

The foundation is open to accept the crypto donations in any form, including Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, etc.

Telegram’s Secret Mission: Gram Cryptocurrency

The Russian founded Telegram has been secretly working on a project to launch its very own cryptocurrency ‘Gram.’ It is said that the secrecy was maintained to avoid unnecessary attention of the government, media and rival companies, which could have hindered the speed of their work.

Telegram is an open-source messaging app. It was launched in 2013 by the Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Messages, photos, videos, stickers, audio, and files of any type can be exchanged between users on this app. As it is an encrypted messaging app, therefore, it is widely being used by student protesters in Hong-Kong to exchange photos, videos, and messages of protest.

According to the leaked documents of the company, they wanted to create “standard cryptocurrency used for the regular exchange of value in the daily lives of ordinary people.” It also says that the company wants to create a simple and safe payment mode that is an “alternative to Visa and Mastercard for a new decentralised economy.”

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, Telegram has raised 1.7 billion USD through Initial Coin Offering to 200 private investors mostly from America, Asia, and Russia. This has been executed in two stages. There are also reports that the company has assured the investors to give their ‘Grams’ before October 31 or would return their money. The Initial Coin Offering was so successful that Telegram had to cancel their plans of public offering of the coins.

Telegram plans to launch ‘Gram’ in the next two months. It is working on launching the cryptocurrency before Facebook could launch its very own ‘Libra’ cryptocurrency. Facebook is set to launch ‘Libra’ in 2020.

At present, Bitcoins are restricted to a very small group. These tech giants want to make cryptocurrency available to a larger mass so that they can experience an easy and hassle-free transaction without having to go through banking services or applications. As of now, they are only planning to have small transactions.

This has become a headache for the government of the concerned countries, as there is no agency to control cryptocurrency transactions. This makes it a safe source of the transaction for various extremist groups, drug mafias, and money launderers.

Tezos records 0.8% overall surge since yesterday

Alt heading: Tezos may cross $1.20 again by the end of the day

Meta description:

Investing in XTZ coin now is a good move to make for the coin is taking good leaps at every chance it is getting, and it may rise up to $1.20 again.

Main article:

Tezos has been moving in the upward direction since quite some time. In the last one day, XTZ coin has recorded an uptrend of over 0.8% overall rising from $1.1342 to its current value at $1.1441 as of August 24, 2019 at 09:49:34 UTC. However, the Tezos had surged up to $1.2055 before it started stumbling down to reach $1.1557 again. From that price till current price, XTZ coin has registered a dip of 5%.

Current Statistics of Tezos

  • Tezos price is trading at $1.1441 and 0.00011447 BTC
  • The Market Cap of the XTZ coin has reached $756,853,376
  • The 24-hour volume of the coin is $9,574,512
  • ROI of the coin has reached 143.81%
  • Circulating Supply is now 660,373,612 XTZ

It was a roller coaster for Tezos yesterday, and it is just recovering from that today. The coin has closed the yesterday trading above $1.15 by giving at least one leap up to $1.20 again.

Tezos Price Prediction & Conclusion:

In the last 30-days, XTZ price has climbed to $1.73, and in the last 7 days, the highest recorded value has been $1.24. The coin may take some time to trade above $1.24. This is a good time to plan long-term investments in the XTZ coin and start saving for the future benefits as the coin may turn into a profitable one by the end of this year.

Ethereum Classic may move upto $7 by the end of the week

Alt heading: Ethereum Classic records 4% downtrend since past 5 days

Meta description:

Start trading ETC now as the coin is heading towards becoming more profitable now and may rise upto $10 by the end of next month.

Main description:

  • ETC may move upto $7 in the next few days
  • ETC may need a better push to move upto $10 in the next few months

Ethereum Classic celebrates its birthday today and amidst the celebrations, the firm may announce key strategic moves to keep the coin performing better in the coming months. The current market performance of this token is good and it may improve further in the next couple of days.

Ethereum Classic Price Statistics:

As on July 31, 2019 at 05:15:07 UTC, the price of ETC token is noted to be $6.26. ETC has shown a downtrend of over 4% since last 5 days dipping from $6.54 to its current value. The coin started on a good note and then dipped as lows as $6.07 before rising back again to hit lower value at $5.95. ETC again surged back to reach $6.32 but started falling again.

  • The price of ETC token is noted as $6.26 and 0.00061851 BTC
  • The market cap of the coin is noted to be $673,949,805
  • The 24 h volume of the coin is $409,325,006
  • The ROI of the coin is 689.51%
  • The circulating supply of the coin is 112,346,965 ETC

The highest recorded value of ETC token was $6 yesterday and the coin may close the day on a better note today. It has been a low period for the token for some time now but it may bounce back by the end of this week.

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction:

Ethereum Classic may roll upto $7 by the end of this week and may start trading at $10 in the next 3 months. July has been a slow month for a lot of cryptos but things may start to look clearer from next month onwards. The coin is closing today on a better note and may rise upto $20 by the end of this year. It can cross its all time high value at $47 by early next year.


This is a good time to plan bulk investments in the ETC token and save for the future benefits as the coin assures good security on every spend.

EOS Price Analysis: EOS up by 18% since past 4 days, will it retain the same momentum or fall marginally?

Let us evaluate the price of EOS since 22-July-19 wherein the price was at $4.38. Post the said date, the prices of the coin started declining most of the time with prices touching as low as $3.95 on 22-July-19 at 17:10 UTC time. Since 24-July-19 the coin has started to rise upwards barring a few minor falls and it managed to reach as high as $4.74 today. Over the past 5 days, the coin has shown an uneven movement without it managing to retain the highest figures. We anticipate that EOS may fall though the fall would be a marginal one by tomorrow with the trend majorly being bearish.

EOS price comparison is as mentioned below:

Current Data of EOS:

  • EOS ranking is maintained at #7 as on date.
  • As per 5:54 UTC time today, market value of the coin was 4,330,090,096s USD.
  • EOS is valued at $4.68 at 06:10 UTC time.
  • 24-hour volume figures are $1,866,116,620
  • 924,910,800 EOS coins in circulation.
  • EOS offers a ROI of 354.37%

EOS Price Comparison and Future prediction:

If we analyse the price of the coin since its highest level which was $4.74 at 00:20 UTC time today and the current price as per 06:10 UTC, the coin is reflecting a bearish trend by 1.28% which is negligible.

We anticipate the prices of EOS may continue to fall, though the fall will be marginal and reach around $4.67. After about a period of seven days, the coin may continue with the bearish trend and may be traded around $4.5. The trend is expected to change by next month with EOS touching $4.75 with an increase of around 1%.


As per the present trend, it is advisable to sell the existing coins today. The Chaikin Money Flow indicates that the coin is at present reflecting a bearish trend. You may also trade on short term basis on the coin as we do not anticipate any major drastic fall as such. The coin may become stable after a few weeks’ time post which it has the potential to reach as high as $5.52 by the end of this year.

Stellar price is fluctuating below the baseline again!

StellarX mobile has been recently launched. However, there might be some updates and features that need to be worked upon, but this launch might acquire attention from users around the globe.

Stellar Price Analysis

XLM price is seen trading recently at $0.08610 on 23rd July 2019. In the past 5 days, the lowest was initially seen on 18th July at 12:50 UTC with $0.083473 trading value. The value escalated by 9.85% on 19th July at 08:05 UTC trading at $0.0916936. However, in a few hours, the value dropped by 4.9% at 13:10 UTC with trading seen at $0.0872624.

But by 20th July at 16:50 UTC, Stellar price escalated by 11.67% trading at the highest touchdown at $0.09744. But then, the XLM price started constantly dropping again. Yesterday, at 19:55 UTC, the value was dropped by 11.49% trading at $0.08624 and is continuing to trade in the same zone as of now.

Stellar price is still fluctuating in the bearish zone. However, the hopes are still reaping by the followers. As of now, it might be a safer decision to play under the resistance and support levels as:

R1: $0.091416, R2: $0.093955 & R3: $0.09617

S1: $0.086662, S2: $0.084447 & S3: $0.081908

5-Day Stellar Price Chart