Starkware Founders’ Prediction of the Swiftness of Ethereum

Starkware Founders' Prediction of the Swiftness of Ethereum

According to the professional calculation-based predictions and opinion of both the co-founders of Starkware, Uri Kolodny and Eli Ben-Sasson, Ethereum very soon will, in all probability, leave the transaction time taken by Visa way behind. To better understand what Starkware entails, it is one of the very top-notch up-gradation-solving entities of Ethereum.

The basis of this company is built upon a specific kind of technology, namely STARK proofs. This is further subdivided into two individual platforms: the StarkEx and the other, StarkNet. The current scenario is that Ethereum is very much dependent on Starkware, and the situation surely is not about to change. 

Therefore, to simplify matters and have a slightly more precise understanding of the entity Starkware, it would indeed suffice to say that the entity creates and works vigorously on the effective implementation of STARK-related problem solvers, all centered around all the functioning activities, related specifically and solely to the blockchain arena. Therefore, all of their products which they have to offer, are based on and stem from the knowledge and requirement of all matters related to all security aspects and effective and upgradable applications in terms of the blockchain.

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