Will Bears Continue to Sway Over Ethereum (ETH)?

The price performance of Ethereum has not been up to the mark this year since the crypto market has faced a lot of volatile moments. After the bears had made their position stronger since July, ETH coin has been struggling on various occasions to come to stable price momentum. Yesterday’s price movement shows how Ethereum […]

Ethereum Exhibits a Bullish Last Week; Breaching $155 Should be the Next Target

Ethereum’s last day’s growth has put it at an advantage of 7.3% in the whole week Ethereum (ETH) price has gained on the first day of December, and this gain has made an overall 7.4% hike in the price of ETH coin over the last week. There have been three major price variations in this […]

Ethereum’s Last Week’s Slump Couldn’t Affect its Market Perception

ETH’s last week’s 6.22% decline in the value could not deter its strong market image. It may take a little longer to recover; the next resistance may fall at $155.19 Ethereum (ETH) has been rising since November 25, but it is yet to make a significant gain that can suffice to push the value near […]

Ethereum (ETH) Marks Almost 3% Hike Over the Last 24 Hours

Ethereum started improving from yesterday. The growth was spotted in the coin during the opening hours, but later, the coin started falling. The downtrend is moderate but yet continuous. The intraday traders might close with a loss. However, there is also a strong possibility for ETH coin to shine as the movement is quite dramatic. […]

Ethereum (ETH) Reflects Dramatic Intraday Movement

Ethereum price movement is surprising to the traders. The day began with a slight fall which grew voluptuously and later the same recovered. A few days ago, ETH coin was spotted touching an unexpected low. Thereafter, the currency is struggling to recover. Yesterday, the intraday movement registered progress. The same is expected from the intraday […]

Ethereum (ETH) Intraday Recovery Shoots the Price to $148

Ethereum price seems to be on a recovery spree The improvement in the coin might be short-lived Ethereum is recovering from yesterday’s price crash. The currency dropped below the 90-day low price and created a new one. The traders interested in ETH coin were disappointed. Well, Ethereum wasn’t the only coin touching the lower level […]

Ethereum (ETH) Seems to Have Got Rid of the Bear Pressure

Ethereum was trading at $184.20 on November 18, 2019. Slight drop at $175.55 noticed on the same day, but the coin managed to maintain the same consistency until November 21, 2019. Then, ETH’s price dropped by 11.27% and reached $156.79 from $176.71. On the next day, Ethereum price again dropped to $140.70 which was the […]

Ethereum’s Downtrend Remains Intact

Ethereum (ETH) has been battling the bears for a long time now. The improvement in the coin is long-awaited by the traders. Well, the growth seems to get postponed as the current price momentum is quite disappointing. Intraday trading is also speculated to remain unfruitful. Yesterday, Ethereum price was seen dealing as high as $186.93 […]

Ethereum (ETH) Revolves Around $180 Since the Last Month

The market has been marking the hasty movement for a long time. The big forces of the market are shattered due to the same. The bitcoin price is currently at $8,500. It was seen touching $13,000 in the past. However, if we look at Ethereum, the coin has tried harder, and hence is currently locked […]