Will Bears Continue to Sway Over Ethereum (ETH)?

The price performance of Ethereum has not been up to the mark this year since the crypto market has faced a lot of volatile moments. After the bears had made their position stronger since July, ETH coin has been struggling on various occasions to come to stable price momentum. Yesterday’s price movement shows how Ethereum is still struggling to get out of the bear grip. The price has been moving in the range between $143 – $150.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH coin is trying to break out of the bear grip, but the bears are in a strong position and have succeeded in taking the price below the baseline yesterday. The price of Ethereum was at a low of $143.77 at 00:59 UTC. The price continued to be below the baseline but then managed to pick up upward momentum and reached a high of $150.3433 at 13:29 UTC, showing a rise of 4.59%. However, this momentum could not be held for the long, and the price of Ethereum again slid below the baseline due to continual market pressure. It went down to the extent of 3.81% at $144.5759 at 21:24 UTC. At 23:11 UTC, the coin managed to regain some upward swing and reached $146.0965 showing a rise of 1.05%. Then, the price has again fallen to $144.71 today.

Ethereum Price

Ethereum price may have to wait for the crypto market to show some stability as the bears are in full swing and control of the price of major altcoins, including ETH. Investors can right now consider the opportunity from a long-term perspective and consider investing. Short-term and day traders can continue their trading by being a little cautious in their outlook.

Ethereum Exhibits a Bullish Last Week; Breaching $155 Should be the Next Target

  • Ethereum’s last day’s growth has put it at an advantage of 7.3% in the whole week

Ethereum (ETH) price has gained on the first day of December, and this gain has made an overall 7.4% hike in the price of ETH coin over the last week. There have been three major price variations in this period, and the range of the variations has been between 132 USD and 155 USD.

Ethereum Price Analysis:

Ethereum was being traded at 140.58 USD on November 25, and its first major shift happened between November 25 & 27. Over these two days, the coin got a hike of 17.50% that pushed the ETH price to 155.89 USD. It was followed by freefall of 6.18% over the next three days, and the value got to 146.26 USD. However, Ethereum started December with a 3.69% increment that added 5.39 USD to the value and pushed it to 151.65 USD.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Chart

Ethereum’s 20 days MA is now at 150.89 USD, and it’s 50 days MA stands at 151.05 USD. The current value at 150.85 USD is 0.13% and 0.02% less than the 50 days and 20 days moving averages, respectively. The current price of Ethereum is lagging both averages, and it hints at the upcoming struggle. As per our prediction, there may not be any unprecedented significant movement in ETH’s price movement in the next couple of days.

Ethereum’s Last Week’s Slump Couldn’t Affect its Market Perception

  • ETH’s last week’s 6.22% decline in the value could not deter its strong market image.
  • It may take a little longer to recover; the next resistance may fall at $155.19

Ethereum (ETH) has been rising since November 25, but it is yet to make a significant gain that can suffice to push the value near the weekly high. Over the last week, the ETH coin has lost 6.22%, and the price has now reached 152 USD from 162 USD.

ETH/USD Price Chart (5-Day):

ETH/USD Price Chart

Ethereum was being traded at 162.32 USD on November 22, and over the next three days, it lost 30.52 USD to be placed at 131.80 USD. It was followed by a 17.73% hike that added 23.37 USD, and through this hike, ETH coin scaled as high as 155.17 USD by November 27. The last variation happened between November 27 & 28, and in these 24 hours, Ethereum lost 3.78% value to reach 149.31 USD. The current price of ETH now roams around 152.22 USD.

Ethereum Price Prediction:

The market cap on November 22 was 16.327 billion USD, and now it has increased to 16.580 billion USD. It shows that Ethereum’s market perception has managed to improve despite this week’s initial struggle.

ETH’s 20 days MA is now at 152.33 USD, and it’s 50 days MA stands at 151.75 USD. The current value of Ethereum is at 152.22 USD, which is 0.30% more and 0.07% less than the 50 days and 20 days moving averages, respectively. Ethereum may see the next halt at 155.19 USD.

Ethereum (ETH) Marks Almost 3% Hike Over the Last 24 Hours

Ethereum started improving from yesterday. The growth was spotted in the coin during the opening hours, but later, the coin started falling. The downtrend is moderate but yet continuous. The intraday traders might close with a loss.

However, there is also a strong possibility for ETH coin to shine as the movement is quite dramatic. Yesterday, the coin touched a high of $154.89 and a low at $143.53.

Ethereum Price Analysis:

Yesterday, Ethereum started the day at $148. The price slipped to $145 by 2.13%. Further, the price improved and touched to $147 by 1.49%. The currency dropped to $142 by 3.32%. There was another improvement marked in the coin price that brought ETH to $149 by 5.25%. Further, the Ethereum price improved and went up to $155 by 3.87%. The closing hours took the coin to $153. The regression was marked as 1.61%. The intraday movement in the coin reflected improvement by 3.29%. Today, Ethereum touched $155 from $153 by 1.25%. The price slipped to $151 by 2.30%. The currency escalated to $153 by 1.39%. Later, the coin touched $150 from $152 by 1.62%.  

Ethereum (ETH) Price Chart

Ethereum has given flourishing results in the past. The expected improvement would take place at some time. The current movement is reflecting a dramatic walk of the coin. The currency might touch the immediate resistance level at $157. ETH coin is recommended for long-term investment.

Ethereum (ETH) Reflects Dramatic Intraday Movement

Ethereum price movement is surprising to the traders. The day began with a slight fall which grew voluptuously and later the same recovered. A few days ago, ETH coin was spotted touching an unexpected low. Thereafter, the currency is struggling to recover. Yesterday, the intraday movement registered progress. The same is expected from the intraday movement in the coin today. Yesterday, Ethereum touched a high at $150 and a low at $145.22. The volume marked as $7,648,516,297.

Ethereum Price Analysis:

Yesterday, Ethereum started dealing at $144.86. The price escalated to $150.86 during the opening hours by 4.14%. The currency dropped to $144.57 immediately after the hike. Later, the ETH price picked up again and touched $149.69 by 3.54%. The currency closed the day at $148.81. The intraday price movement brought progression by 2.73%. Today, the coin started with a fall of 1.83%. The counters moved from $148.81 to $146.08. Later, the currency shifted to $143.12 from $148.74 by 3.78%. Recently, the Ethereum price has taken an astounding hike. The price touched $150.39 by 5.08% progression.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Chart

Ethereum would probably improve in the impending days. The traders who are interested in the coin are suggested to go with the long-term investment for drawing high returns as the short-term might not be fruitful for investment.

It seems like Ethereum is trying to improve. After dropping to the immediate support at $146, the currency touched the immediate resistance at $151. The currency is currently hanging in the middle is at $148. The intraday traders can expect a better day as the market is directed towards the uptrend.

Ethereum (ETH) Intraday Recovery Shoots the Price to $148

  • Ethereum price seems to be on a recovery spree
  • The improvement in the coin might be short-lived

Ethereum is recovering from yesterday’s price crash. The currency dropped below the 90-day low price and created a new one. The traders interested in ETH coin were disappointed. Well, Ethereum wasn’t the only coin touching the lower level as Bitcoin & Ripple, and many others were spotted suffering too.

As per yesterday’s statistics, the currency touched a high of $150.21 and a low at $133.80. The volume marked as $10,962,753,356.

Ethereum Price Prediction

Yesterday, Ethereum started the day at $153.30. The currency slipped to $143.76. Later, the ETH price slipped to a lower level to $134.04 from $143.76 by 6.76% drop. Further, the price escalated to $151.06 by 12.63% hike. The closing hours again brought a fall of 2.36%. The price counters moved from $151.06 to $147.32. Today, the price of Ethereum started recovering from the opening hour. The counters shifted to $149.96 from $147.32 by 1.79%. Recently, the price slipped to $146.75 by 2.23%.

Ethereum Price

ETH price is recovering rapidly, and the coin is currently at $148.17. The price is spotted moving towards the immediate resistance level $153. In some time, ETH coin would be seen breaching the same. The traders who are planning to pick Ethereum are recommended to go for long-term investment. The specified period would give the desired return to the investors.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $153.19 S1 $136.78
R2 $159.91 S2 $127.09
R3 $169.6 S3 $120.37

Ethereum (ETH) Seems to Have Got Rid of the Bear Pressure

Ethereum was trading at $184.20 on November 18, 2019. Slight drop at $175.55 noticed on the same day, but the coin managed to maintain the same consistency until November 21, 2019. Then, ETH’s price dropped by 11.27% and reached $156.79 from $176.71. On the next day, Ethereum price again dropped to $140.70 which was the lowest price of 24 hours. While writing this piece, the currency was reflecting signs of slight recovery.

Ethereum Price Analysis:

ETH price was $140.70 yesterday, and now it is showing growth by 7.49%. It is likely to rise further upwards and can reach its next resistance $153.01 shortly. If the same trend continues, in the upcoming days, the coin can get traded up to its major resistance $160.

It looks like a good time to purchase new ETH coins. The past five days’ performance for Ethereum has been a mixed one as upside movement was persisting until November 21, 2019, and then the bears took over. However, the current movement indicates recovery.

Ethereum Price Chart

Ethereum (ETH) Faces Huge Backlash Over the Last Week

  • Ethereum loses 10% in one week to reach $162 from $180
  • The next halt for ETH coin may come at $155

Ethereum could not escape from the gloomy market conditions, and it has made a loss of almost 10% over the last week. The three major price variations of this week took the ETH price from 185 USD to 156 USD. The coin’s struggle is here to continue for some more days.

Ethereum Price Analysis

ETH price was being traded at 179.82 USD on November 16, and over the next 1 day, it gained 3.28% and added 5.90 USD to the value and reached 185.72 USD. At 20:30 UTC on November 17, Ethereum started weakening, and after losing 7.12%, it got placed at 172.49 USD on November 19. It was followed by another slump of 9.08% in the value, and it brought the ETH price down to 156.82 USD by November 21, 15:00 UTC. The current price is now roaming around 162 USD.

The market cap of ETH on November 16 was 19.908 billion USD, and it has fallen by a huge margin in the last seven days. As per the current data, the market cap is now at 17.654 billion USD. Ethereum’s 50 days MA stands at 161.40 USD, and the 100 days MA is now at 1160.33 USD. The current price of ETH coin is more than both the averages. Ethereum may soon find the support of 155.15 USD.

Ethereum (ETH) Resistance and Support Levels
1st Resistance $171.99
2nd Resistance $182.52
3rd Resistance $188.83
1st Support $155.15
2nd Support $148.84
3rd Support $138.31

Ethereum’s Downtrend Remains Intact

Ethereum (ETH) has been battling the bears for a long time now. The improvement in the coin is long-awaited by the traders. Well, the growth seems to get postponed as the current price momentum is quite disappointing. Intraday trading is also speculated to remain unfruitful.

Yesterday, Ethereum price was seen dealing as high as $186.93 and as low as $179.18. The volume marked by ETH coin was $7,787,662,111.

Ethereum Price Analysis


Yesterday, Ethereum started dealing at $184.48. The price shifted to $182.99 in the later hours by 0.80%. The price recovered in the later hours and jumped to $184.56 by 0.85%.

Thereafter, the ETH coin price started falling. The coin took a huge drop and brought the price to $175.59 by 3.99%. The currency escalated to $179.44 by 2.2%. There was a slight drop in the ETH price at the end of the day.

The counter touched $178.41 by the end of the day. The intraday movement in the price registers an overall regression of 3.28%.

Today, Ethereum is falling since the opening hours. The counters changed from $178.41 to $176.36 by 1.15%.

Ethereum Price Prediction

ETH coin is slowly moving towards the next support level at $174.47. The coin has breached the immediate support at $177.52. There is a possibility that the Ethereum price can drop to the major support level at $169. If the momentum reverses then, ETH price might be seen touching the immediate resistance level at $193. The possibility of improvement is quite thin.

Resistance Level Price
R1 $185.27
R2 $189.97
R3 $193.02
Support Level Price
S1 $177.52
S2 $174.47
S3 $169.77

Ethereum is speculated to give great results in the future. The currency is speculated to give best the result in the long run. Hence, we would suggest to pick long-term investment for gaining colossal profits.

Ethereum (ETH) Revolves Around $180 Since the Last Month

The market has been marking the hasty movement for a long time. The big forces of the market are shattered due to the same. The bitcoin price is currently at $8,500. It was seen touching $13,000 in the past. However, if we look at Ethereum, the coin has tried harder, and hence is currently locked around $180. To understand the momentum more precisely, let’s have a look at the monthly chart of ETH coin:

ETH Price Chart

Ethereum Price Analysis

As per the price trend of Ethereum, the coin is spotted moving in a straight line with in-between peep-ups. The ETH coin started dealing at $180.81 on October 01, 2019. The price slipped to $170 by 5.98%. Later, the price escalated to $198.12 by 16.47%. The currency couldn’t hold itself at the level and fell to $174.87 by 11.73%. The fall remain intact and took the price of Ethereum to $158.60 by 9.45%. The ETH price jumped to $198.21 by 25.27% in the later days. In the last few days, ETH’s price slipped back to $182.92 by 7.70%. The coin registered 1.71% progression. The ongoing month started with escalation in ETH. The price counters moved from $182.92 to $194.49 by 6.22%. However, later, the price dropped again and touched $184.25. The regression marked was 5.27%. Recently, the coin is seen moving around the same level of $180.

Ethereum price movement has a past of satisfying the traders. The coin price anticipated to improve in the coming days. For intraday trading, the ETH coin is moving towards the immediate support level at $177.85.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $184.72 S1 $177.85
R2 $188.92 S2 $175.18
R3 $191.59 S3 $170.98

The interested traders are recommended for opting for long-term investment. The short-term investment might not give the assumed result; hence we wouldn’t vote for the same.